Fifty years ago, 30,000 people peacefully protested the disproportionate number of Latinos dying on the frontlines in Vietnam. The August 29th Chicano Moratorium ended with an attack by police, 400 arrests, and the deaths of four people, one of whom was Los Angeles Times journalist Rubén Salazar.

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This week look at transgender activism and the call for inclusion in the movement for Black lives. We'll also meet Trans activists in Louisiana who have been organizing against a state law that has been used to target trans women.  

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We often see children as innocents who need love, support, and stability. But not all young people are nurtured this way. Too often youth from marginalized communities of color are not seen as needing protection -- they are treated as the ones we need protection from. We see this in this episode, brought to us from Re:Work Radio, with Phal Sok, who was once a kid in Long Beach forced to grow up too soon.

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Activists in the Latinx immigrant community of Los Angeles share what they do to take care of their mental health. Self-care becomes a “selfless act” when it allows activists to stay healthy and do their work in a sustainable way.

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