As the fossil fuel industry works to turn the Pacific Northwest into a fossil fuel hub, a Thin Green Line stands in its way. Producer Barbara Bernstein’s latest project, "Holding the Thin Green Line," explores how local communities are fighting the fossil fuel industry's push for massive fracked gas projects in Washington and Oregon. In part 1, we heard about plans to build the world’s largest methanol refineries in Tacoma and Kalama, Washington. This week we hear part 2, "A View from the Blast Zone,” on the struggle to stop a massive LNG facility that is being built at the Port of Tacoma.

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What happens when a health insurance PublicRelations executive confronts the consequences of his spin? Dive into one man's odyssey from health insurance spin doctor to activist truth teller.

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This show examines the feminist movement through the lens of period activism. We will look at aspects of women’s health and social justice that are often overlooked - From period stigma to the unfair tax on feminine hygiene products and the fight to regulate and disclose ingredients in tampons and maxi pads.

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Megafarms and oil & gas producers are some of the worst polluters in California’s Central Valley. We’ll hear how Valley residents are pushing back. But first, we go to Pine Ridge, South Dakota, where six Native American tribes are harnessing wind power to bring economic development to their members. And, author Naomi Klein talks about her latest book, On Fire.

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