Two of the longest running armed rebellions on opposites sides of the world, the FARC in Colombia and the NDFP in the Philippines are vying for peace but several elements-government, paramilitary, and drugs, make it all but impossible.

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On this edition of Making Contact we look at some of the struggles and victories in the fight for transgender access to gender-specific spaces and programs.

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Liberation Theology: A March to Freedom explores the conceptual framework of liberation theology.

We will examine why Liberation Theology, with its focus on political activism, is resonating with communities hungry for social justice.

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The Get on the Bus program provides support and free transportation for children and families throughout California to visit their mothers and fathers in prison. 

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The Poetic Address to the Nation, brought together poets to speak powerfully against the current administration. Featuring Cam Awkward, Guillermo Gomez Peña, Michelle ‘Mush’ Lee,Chinaka Hodge, and many others. 

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