Panelists at the Media Consortium conference discuss the role independent media plays in today’s contentious media landscape.

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Given Trump's massive military budget proposal and the 14th Anniversary of the United States war in Iraq, we bring you this program from our archives with the voices of U.S. Soldiers and Iraqis reflecting on the costs of war.

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In this edition of Making Contact, we look at two major changes to statewide curriculum in California, and where schools nationwide may be headed under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

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Women Rising Radio profiles three healer activists, two M.D.'s and an indigenous healer/psychologist, caregivers for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock,  and witnesses to the violence of police, sheriffs and private security forces hired by Energy Transfer Partners  -  the fossil fuel giant building the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Paris is in flux. How are Parisians-native and immigrant, still dealing with terrorist attacks? If mixite, or social mixing, provides an answer, what does that look like, especially when immigrant, capitalist, and the hip are housed together?

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