In this radio adaptation of the documentary film, Walking in Two Worlds, we bring you to Alaska’s Tongass Forest, where the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act turned tribes into corporations and sparked a lengthy logging frenzy.

We meet a Tlingit brother and sister, who are trying to heal both the forest and their native community.

Special thanks to Specialty Studios.


  • Wanda Culp & Bob Loescher, Tlinget brother & Sister
  • Peter Coyote, narrator
  • Mike Jackson, Tlingit tribal historian
  • Ernestine Hanlon-Abel, Weaver & Activist
  • Byron Mallott, Former Seaalaska CEO
  • Israel Shotridge, Tlingit carver
  • Tom Thorton, anthropologist
  • Lydia George, Tlingit Clan Mother
  • Joe Sebastian, Alaska Fisherman & guide
  • Deny Bschor, former US Forest Service Regional Forester
  • John Rowan, Tlingit carver
  • Richard Nixon, President of the United States
  • Rick Harris, Former Seaalaska Executive VP
  • Rosita Worl, Seaalaska Board member
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We hear about systems of mutual support; where peers coping with similar struggles like HIV, mental health issues and surviving prison step into the roles typically filled by licensed specialists.

Mutual support can be controversial, especially when it tries to replace professional help. But it can also be immensely rewarding for all parties involved, and can save a ton of money.

This show features a special segment by Making Contact Storytelling Fellow Al Sasser. Find out more about the fellowship here.

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In order to reduce prison over-crowding the Justice Department is releasing about 6,000 non-violent inmates early. Darris Young is working to make sure upon release individuals can successfully transition after incarceration.

On this edition of Making Contact we’ll meet more individuals like Darris who also went to prison, came out and dedicated their life to making a positive difference.


  • Frankie V. Guzman, Attorney at the National Center for Youth Law
  • Frederick Hutson, Founder/CEO Pigeonly
  • Clemmie Greenlee, founder of the Nashville Peacemakers
  • Darris Young, Local Organizer at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
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2016 marks 50 years since the founding of the Black Panther Party-a group that’s took the world by the storm, but is still widely misunderstood.   There’s a new documentary film that’s trying to set the record straight. On this edition of Making Contact, journalist Eric Arnold talks with Stanley Nelson, director of The Black Panthers, Vanguard of the Revolution.


  • Stanley Nelson, Director of Black Panthers: vanguard of the Revolution
  • Eric Arnold, journalist
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