You’ve heard of Hip-Hop, but what about Krip-Hop? That’s the name for the international movement of disabled artists, poets, musicians, and MCs.

On this edition of Making Contact, we hear the story of Krip Hop from hate mail to worldwide phenomenon.

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The female body as medium, and as message.

How can a woman determine how she is perceived by the world, and even by herself?

On this edition, we hear stories of women who are using their bodies for political protest, and as tools of self-empowerment…forcing everyone to reevaluate their perspectives on the female form.



  • Neda Topaloski & Xenia Chernyshova, Femen members
  • Galia Ackerman, author of the book “Femen”
  • Catherine KingExecutive Producer, Global Fund for Women
  • Yolando Y’Netta Harbin-Venson, Big Ol Pretty Girls owner
  • Jenny “Diva” Davis, clothing designer Diva’s Exquisite Designs.
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On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th 1963, Martin Luther King Jr delivered one of the most famous speeches of all time. But it nearly didn't happen. On this special edition of Making Contact for MLK Day, Gary Younge, author of “The Speech” talks about Martin Luther King Junior's “Dream” and the story behind it.


  • Gary Younge, author of “The Speech: Martin Luther King Jr's Dream and the Story Behind It”
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What are the roots of the historic mistrust between people of color, especially African Americans, and the police? And how does 911 really work? Is slow response time just perception, or reality?

During the 2nd half of our 2-part special—The Race to An Emergency, we follow the path of a 911 call, and along the way, encounter decades of mistrust that fuel a lack of confidence in the system.

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When you call 911, who answers the phone? How do they decide who to send to the scene, and how fast will they get there? We bring you a 2-part special—The Race to An Emergency, produced by KALW radio in San Francisco.

We follow the path of a 911 call, and along the way, encounter decades of mistrust that fuel a lack of confidence in the system.

Special thanks to KALW Radio.


  • Lesley Phillips, Sharena Thomas, Peoples Community Medics co-founders
  • Nikki Anjenique, Sharena Thomas daughter
  • Rick Rocha, California Highway Patrol dispatcher
  • Olivia Moy, Wolleen Jones, Oakland police Department dispatchers
  • Terry Woodard, Oakland Fire Department Communications dispatcher
  • Jason Murphy, Paramedics Plus dispatcher
  • Tracy Chin, Rob Thrower, Oakland Fire Fighters
  • Brian Murphy, Oakland Police Officer
  • Regina Harris Gilliard, Johnna Watson Oakland Police Department spokespeople
  • Benjamin Bowser, Cal State East Bay Sociology Professor
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