Looking Back, Moving Forward: 2013 Year in Review

We bring you up to date on our most compelling and resonating stories of 2013. From pregnant women in prison who ve been mistreated; to the tomato fields of Florida, where the power of community radio helps workers take action; then out west, to a national forest in California, where wildfires are raising questions about fire management techniques. We ll also get updates on where those stories stand now.

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Fleeing Syria, Seeking Refuge

Over 2 million Syrians have been displaced by that country’s ongoing civil war. Neighboring countries are overwhelmed with refugees. So where else to turn? Heading to more affluent nations isn’t so easy. On this edition, we meet refugees who’ve fled Syria to Turkey, Sweden, and Thailand. They’re trying to navigate a fragmented global refugee policy, in a time of extreme need.

Special thanks to our freelance reporters Dalia Mortada, Christopher Holmback, Julia Lundberg, Simba Russeau.


  • Ahmad Dabbagh, Ayham Al Fares, Sania, Kais Badro, Syria refugees,
  • Abu Sarah, Hassan Mohammad, Palestinian refugees from Syria.
  • Andrew Gardner, Amnesty International Turkey researcher.
  • Sanna Vestin, Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups chairman.
  • Gregor Noll, Lund University professor of international law.
  • Anoop Sukumaran, Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network coordinator.
  • Patra Jirawisan, Thai Committee for Refugees Foundation Policy & Research Officer.
  • Mother Agnes Mariam, Mother Superior of St. James the Mangled Monastery in Qara, Syria.
  • Host/Producer: Andrew Stelzer
  • Producers: Nancy Lopez, Andrew Stelzer, George Lavender
  • Contributing Producers: Dalia Mortada, Christopher Holmback, Julia Lundberg, Simba Russeau
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Partners in the Struggle-allies in political movements

What does it mean to be an ally in a political movement? From white Americans in the civil rights era, to Israelis in Palestine, to Latino-Americans working with the undocumented…how does one work to support another’s struggle?  On this edition, from Mississippi to Zimbabwe, a roundtable discussion on the do’s and don’ts of how to be an effective ally.


Darria Hudson, racial justice activist and divinity student; Rumbidzai Dube, Zimbabwean human rights lawyer; Leehee Rothschild, Israeli activist and blogger; Ingrid Cruz, immigrants rights activist; Mary King, former member of SNCC and Peace University Professor

This conversation was recorded at the 2013 Narco News School of Authentic Journalism.

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2013: The Year the Criminal Justice System Changed?

Years of campaigning for basic human rights for people caught up in America's criminal justice system may finally be paying off. 2013 saw significant changes from sentencing reform, to drug policy, to how people are treated behind bars. On this edition, we look at year victories in the struggle to bring humanity to the world’s largest prison industrial complex. Are these changes really a sign of progress? Or will the ‘tough on crime’ crowd rise once again for another crackdown?

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