Low Power (Radio) to the People

Have you ever wanted to run your own radio station? This October the FCC is opening a window in which anyone can apply for to create their own low-power FM radio station. It could result in thousands of new radio stations. We visit current LPFM stations, and find out how you can get involved.

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A Letter, A March, A Dream: 1963 Retold

50 years after the March on Washington, historians are still defining the legacy of the civil rights movement, and of Dr. Martin Luther King.   Syndicated columnist Reverend Byron Williams makes the case that 1963 was the pivotal year for American culture, but has been overlooked… until now.  On this edition, Williams speaks about his book, 1963: The Year of Hope & Hostility.

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Undocumented and Undaunted: DREAMer Artists Speak Out

The struggles of undocumented youth in the US often fly under the radar of the mainstream media. But with the tools of creative expression and the power of social media, a new generation of young immigrants is making sure their voices are heard. From musical theater to political posters to videos on the web, young undocumented artists speak their truth.

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Scorched Earth: The Legacy of Agent Orange

Combat, chemicals, and corporations; a special program in honor of Agent Orange Day. We’ll look at the multigenerational legacy of Agent Orange -- a toxic defoliant used by the United States military in the jungles of Vietnam.

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