Harvest of Empire (Part 1)

Its not just jobs and prosperity that draw immigrants to the United States.  Many Latin American’s were brought here, or forced to come by dangerous or deadly conditions.  And the US often had a role in creating those crises.  Over the next 2 weeks, we’ll hear “Harvest of Empire” a documentary film written and narrated by Democracy Now’s Juan Gonzalez.  Today, in part one, Gonzalez traces the history of Guatemalan, Dominican, and Mexican migration to the United States.

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Seeking Shelter: Building Housing and Community for LGBTQ Elders

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender seniors are much more likely than their straight counterparts to be alone and isolated as they age. Housing and support for these elders is a growing need--and the issue is not confined to the United States. On this edition, we’ll visit Jakarta Indonesia, and Los Angeles, California, to hear stories of building housing and community for LGBTQ seniors.

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Rad Dads!!!

Fathers…and mothers…on fatherhood and how it’s changing. Traditional ideas about what a dad is supposed to be are slowly disappearing, but what will take their place?

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Idle No More

In the winter of 2012, flash mob round dances, demonstrations, hunger strikes, and blockades swept Canada. What began as a protest against new laws seen as curtailing environmental protections and infringing indigenous sovereignty, quickly grew into a movement for indigenous rights and environmental justice. On this edition, Sylvia McAdam, one of the founders of Idle No More, tells the story of the movement.

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