Manufacturing Terror: The Media's Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim Problem

After the Boston Marathon bombing, journalists scrambled to identify those responsible for the attack, and their motive. Rolling news and online message boards were filled with speculation, many pointing the finger at Muslims and Arabs. Does the media reinforce anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stereotypes?

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Undocumented and Undaunted: DREAMer Artists Speak Out

The struggles of undocumented youth in the US often fly under the radar of the mainstream media. But with the tools of creative expression and the power of social media, a new generation of young immigrants is making sure their voices are heard. From musical theater to political posters to videos on the web, young undocumented artists speak their truth.

Special thanks to the Left Tilt Fund and the Berwick-Degel Family Foundation.  

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Arundhati Roy Jungles of Resistance

Renowned Indian author Arundhati Roy says her country’s government has declared war on its own people. Her outspokenness earned her an invitation to spend time with Maoist rebels. On this edition, Arundhati Roy takes us into the jungles of India, as she reads excerpts from her new book ‘Walking with the Comrades’.

Special thanks to the Center for Place Culture and Politics at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center.

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Surviving Ex-Gay Therapy

The growth of the ex-gay movement in the last two decades gave rise to hundreds of therapy programs aiming to change people’s sexual orientation. Many were explicitly religious, and claimed to be able to “pray away the gay”. But there’s a growing movement, led by survivors of ex-gay therapy, to disprove and ban these harmful practices for good. On this edition, stories of recovery from conversion therapy, and becoming ex- ex-gay.

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Taxes are for suckers
Imagine paying almost nothing in taxes—sounds great doesn’t it? Some of America’s biggest companies are doing just that and making millions or even billions in profits, thanks to loopholes and political influence… On this edition, why does big business pay lower tax rates than the rest of us? And how activists have brought the issue into the spotlight.
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