Who Controls Black Women's Bodies?

Reproductive health services for women are under attack, leaving poor women and women of color lacking access. But a broad coalition of women is striking back, changing the conversation on abortion and race.

WARNING: This program contains graphic language.

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Democratic Boundaries: Corporate Cash vs. the 99%

The people of the U.S. have seemingly awakened, and are out in the streets, demanding changes to a system in which money controls politics.  On this edition, corporations, elections and the 99%. In a post-citizens united world, is it too late to reclaim our democracy?

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Voices from the Diaspora: Resistance & Community

Riots all over the world are calling on us to get involved in societal change. But what kind of action is needed, and how do we create real change? We feature a round-table discussion that explores political action, strategies, and leadership.

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A Woman's Rise to Power: Struggle and Success

In 2011, why are there fewer than 20 female heads of state around the world? A former President, a Supreme Court justice and other women leaders reflect on the battles they’ve won on the way to the top of their fields, and just how far there still is to go.

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