Climate Change Gridlock: Where Do We Go From Here? (Part 1)

Global warming is no longer a fear for the future. It’s threatening human civilization, now. Part 1 of a special 2 part series produced by Brian Edwards Tiekert…on climate change that is happening, the political response that isn't, and the people trying to break the gridlock.

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Marching for Change: Street Bands in the U.S. (encore)

In the past decade, more and more political marching bands have been invigorating social movements. In some cases, they're the protest themselves. On this edition, we look at how musicians are stirring up public spaces; from the streets, to supermarkets to your Facebook feed.

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Re-Humanizing Immigrants: Reflections by Maria Hinojosa

Despite President Obama’s promise to change America’s broken immigration system, the dehumanization and detention of immigrants continues to rise. On this edition, Mexican-American journalist Maria Hinojosa speaks about the United States’ loss of humanity’ in dealing with immigrants and immigration.

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Chris Hedges on the Myth of Human progress

Renowned author Chris Hedges paints a bleak picture of our world today, in rapid economic, environmental, and religious decline-but we still have a chance to turn things around. On this edition, Hedges speaks about his new book, The World as it is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.

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