Wikileaks, Free Speech & the Future of the Internet

The controversy over WikiLeaks has deep implications for the future of free speech in the Internet era. Beyond journalistic and national security issues that stem from the website, other concerns need to be considered as well. On this edition, we take you to a panel discussion focused on the importance of WikiLeaks within a legal, business and technology framework. Does the public have the right to know the secrets of its government? Should private companies keep commercial interests ahead of public interest?  What role does the Internet hold for whistleblowers?

Special Thanks to The Real News Network.

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Michelle Alexander on the New Jim Crow

Professor Michelle Alexander, author of ‘The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness’ makes the case that the US’ criminal justice system policies can be traced directly back to slavery.  The target then, and now, are African Americans.

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A Second Wind: Elders Act for Justice

Many retirees enjoy the rest and relaxation that eluded them during their working years. But for some, retirement means opportunities to affect change in their communities. We profile three elders who became activists in the second half of their lives.


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With the UN’s climate negotiations faltering, indigenous and other grassroots community groups are re-strategizing.  We’ll hear voices from the streets of Cancun, and a look at where the world might turn for answers to a perilous problem. 


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