It’s been decades since the U.S. has had a powerful labor movement and recent efforts to revive it have mostly fallen flat. But there is hope for a new labor movement that goes beyond the unions.

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We go to the Gulf Coast to hear why, despite the dangerous and deadly consequences, locals aren't ready to turn their back on the oil industry. What does that mean for the rest of us, as we pursue a future free of fossil fuels?

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We go to California, America's leading producer of fruits, vegetables, and dairy, to see some examples of how the nation's agricultural industry is slowly but surely moving away from factory farms. 

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We look at how the unemployed are getting creative about making ends meet, from starting their own businesses to work-sharing.

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We'll hear excerpts from the movie Gasland, including stories from residents who say their drinking water catches on fire--one of the toxic effects of hydraulic-fracking: an increasingly controversial natural gas drilling technique.

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