On this edition, we hear from LGBTQ immigrants in the U.S. who not only have to hide  their legal identity, but their sexuality too. Their stories demonstrate why living illegally in the U.S. is not only their refuge, but also their biggest fear.

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We’ll hear part one of a documentary called Heavy Weather, produced by freelancer Barbara Bernstein.  She’ll explore the connections between the increase in extreme weather and our changing climate and landscapes.

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We take a look at tax revolt movements you might not have heard about, including upper income folks asking for tax increases on themselves.  And we compare the tax burdens and benefits in Europe and the United States.  

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The business model of journalism is collapsing. Thousands of journalists have lost their jobs, newspapers are folding, and major dailies are in bankruptcy. This week we hear a discussion about government subsidies and new funding models to save the Fourth Estate.

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