Looking Back, Moving Forward: 2011 Year in Review

A look back at some of the most important issues of 2011: Attacks on organized labor, the Egyptian revolution, and the struggle to address climate change. We’ll hear highlights from some of our best programs of the year, and get updates on where those stories stand now.

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Melissa Harris-Perry: Confronting Stereotypes of the Black Woman

On this edition, author and political science professor Melissa Harris-Perry speaks about the stereotypes black women face, its impacts on their identity and how it has limited the ways in which society views them as true “citizens.”

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Gang Injunctions: Problem or Solution?

Gang injunctions are a controversial crime fighting tool that some people say should be illegal, and others say is a necessary last resort for communities plagued by violence. On this edition, we go from the birthplace of gang injunctions in L.A., to their newest use in London.

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The Toxic Truth About Nail Salons (Encore)

We take a look at the health impacts of chemical exposure in nail salons, the shoddy regulation of cosmetics, and the movement towards greener nail salons.

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Occupy: From Encampments to a Movement

As the Occupy movement continues to grow participants, activists and community organizers are grappling with how to ensure that Occupy develops beyond tents and into long-term systemic change.

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Words As the Way to Freedom: Jimmy Santiago Baca

He went from illiterate street kid, to world renowned poet. But it was in prison that Jimmy Santiago Baca connected with his Native American and Chicano heritage, and began learning the lessons of his people’s past. On this edition, Progressive Magazine editor Matthew Rothschild sits down with Jimmy Santiago Baca.

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Veterans of Occupation: From Iraq to Wall Street

On this edition, we bring you the voices of Veterans from Occupy Wall Street and a special report on veterans returning home from war and the struggles they endure from inadequate healthcare to the inability in finding employment.

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Who Controls Black Women's Bodies?

Reproductive health services for women are under attack, leaving poor women and women of color lacking access. But a broad coalition of women is striking back, changing the conversation on abortion and race.

WARNING: This program contains graphic language.

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Democratic Boundaries: Corporate Cash vs. the 99%

The people of the U.S. have seemingly awakened, and are out in the streets, demanding changes to a system in which money controls politics.  On this edition, corporations, elections and the 99%. In a post-citizens united world, is it too late to reclaim our democracy?

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Voices from the Diaspora: Resistance & Community

Riots all over the world are calling on us to get involved in societal change. But what kind of action is needed, and how do we create real change? We feature a round-table discussion that explores political action, strategies, and leadership.

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