Two wars continued, the economy remained in freefall, and as hardship ensued, people crafted creative solutions.  We look back at some of the most compelling stories we brought you during 2009, and find out where things are headed for 2010.
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A look into the roots of a long-standing conflict between a powerful oligarchy and a dispossessed majority.
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We hear from Israeli settlers in Palestine and get reactions to related Obama administration policy.

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We meet a New York City street canner who’s changed his life and community one can at a time, and a San Francisco couple paying the bills with pickles. And, author John Curl says an unemployment movement may be on the rise.
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We revisit the voices from that Seattle WTO protests and find out how global economic forces have shifted in the past decade.
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An agricultural renaissance has taken root among the Taos Pueblo people in New Mexico. Sustainable agriculture is returning, after years of unhealthy food, poor health and obesity.
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Journalist Dahr Jamail talks about the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the growing refusal to serve in the US military.
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45-09 How We Survive: Sprouting Up in Empty Breadbaskets A look at food deserts in both urban and rural areas, and the community gardens that are sprouting up in them
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A former narcotics officer and a drug reform activist suggest how to move away from current drug policy
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The story of the weeping woman has been told since the time of the Spanish conquest. This Hallowee, we re-tell the myth of La Llorona.
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