G.M.nO! Genetically Modified Democracy

More than 60 countries either ban or require labeling on GMO foods; the US is not one of them. As GMO regulation moves to a local level, frustrated consumers and farmers are pushing for state or county regulations, but the seed and pesticide companies are fighting back.

Today, we bring you a special episode investigating corporate control of our democracy and our dinner plates. This program is part of What the Fork, a collaboration between Making Contact, Center for Media and Democracy/The Progressive Magazine and Food Democracy Now.


  • Rebecca Wilce, Progressive and ALEC Exposed reporter
  • Marcia Ishii-Eieman, Pesticide Action Network senior scientist
  • Don Tipping, Seven Seeds Farm owner
  • Chris Hardy, Rogue valley farmer
  • Elise Higley, Our Family Farms Coalition leader
  • Magdeleno Rose-Avila, Yes on 15-119 volunteer
  • Barry Bushue, American Farm Bureau vice president
  • Klayton Kubo, Kauai citizen
  • Gary Hooser, Kauai County Council member
  • Dr. Judy Shabert, Harvard Physician
  • Chris Broussard, Whinney Hee, James Masey, concerned Kauai residents
  • Dean Okimoro, Farm Bureau Association president
  • David Louie, Hawaii Attorney General
  • Harry Stalford & Willow Coberly, Stalford Seed Farms farmers
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