Who's watching you? Nowadays it seems everyone wants to get their hands on our personal data. From the FBI to the welfare department, to some of the country's biggest retailers. On this edition, we take a closer look at the world of surveillance.



  • Hasan Elahi, artist and Associate Professor at the University of Maryland
  • Charles Duhigg, New York Times journalist and author of “The Power of Habit
  • Jodie Berger, public benefits lawyer
  • John Gilliom, Professor of Political Science at Ohio University
  • Kaaryn Gustafson, welfare lawyer and University of Connecticut teacher 
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Cesar Chavez has made it to the big screen. Millions of people are now learning about the legendary farmworker organizer. But where did Chavez get his organizing philosophies?

This week, Paul Ingles and Carol Boss of Peacetalks radio take us down ‘The Non Violent path of Cesar Chavez’, through conversations with Chavez’ colleague and friend Delores Huerta, and Jose Antonio Orozco, author of the book, Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence.

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Noise pollution is a growing problem. Effecting everything from the lives of people living under airplane flight paths, to marine life. On this edition, we’ll hear from people struggling to be heard over the din of our noisy modern life and ask, is there anywhere left in the world you can get some peace and quiet?

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Needle exchange programs began springing up in the 1980’s during the AIDS crisis.

Countless lives have been saved by providing IV drug users with clean needles.

But even now, with hundreds of programs across the US and throughout the world, some states still view distributing needles as illegal.

This week, WABE reporter Jim Burress takes us to ‘The Bluff’, a neighborhood in Atlanta where a needle exchange program—breaking the law every day– has become a vital part of a struggling community.

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Our world is generating more and more nuclear waste, but have no permanent place to dispose of it.  But the nation of Finland has a plan. They’re building an underground cave, to hold thousands of tones of nuclear waste, for at least 100 thousand years.  

On this edition, we hear excerpts of the film, “Into Eternity”, which explores the logistical and philosophical quandaries around the construction of something that if it works, might very well outlast the entire human race.

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Before it was legal in the United States, some doctors would risk arrest to provide women with access to safe abortions. When that wasn’t possible, some sought abortions from unsafe providers, often with deadly consequences.

The Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, and the numbers of people dying after having an abortion dropped, but are we now seeing a return to the past?

On this edition, what can the time before abortion was legal tell us about the dangers of restricting access to abortion today? We’ll hear a special radio adaption of “Motherhood by Choice not Chance” a documentary produced and narrated by Dorothy Fadiman.

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We profile women of Greenpeace, the legendary eco-activist organization. Hettie Geenan is first mate on the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior. Leila Deen leads the campaign against fracking. And Laila Williams connects Greenpeace with indigenous communities, women’s groups and people of color.  Happy International Women’s Day March 8th!


  • Leila Deen, Greepeace Senior Campaigner
  • Hettie Geenen, First Mate on the Rainbow Warrior
  • Laila Wiiams, Ruckus Society program associate
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On this edition of Making Contact we’ll explore how the privatization of public education is playing out across the country and how students and teachers are fighting back. We’ll start in Philadelphia and see how students are faring after 23 schools were shut down and 3,700 teachers, counselors and administrative staff were laid off. We’ll learn about Teach for America and how sending thousands of young, intelligent, idealistic teachers into classrooms may be doing more harm than good. Then we’ll go to California, where community colleges are under threat.


  • Nuwar Ahmed, Philadelphia Student Union member
  • Joanne Tien, Teach for America alum
  • Su Jin Jez, assistant professor at California State University in Sacramento
  • Justin Fong, Teach For America’s Vice President of Internal Communications
  • Kerry Kretchmar, Caroll University professor
  • Wendy Kaufmyn, teacher at City College of San Francisco and Save CCSF Coalition member
  • Leslie Simon, teacher at City College of San Francisco and member of Save CCSF Coalition member
  • Itzel Calvo, former student of City College of San Francisco and member of Save CCSF Coalition
  • Ron Galatolo, chancellor at San Mateo Community College District
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From farm to fork, few things matter more than the food we eat. We all want the freedom and opportunity to choose what ends up on our plate- but when a handful of companies control most of the brands you see at the grocery store- what choices are really left?

On this edition Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food and Water Watch, author of Foodopoly, and one of the nation’s leading healthy food advocates, says it’s time to turn the tables on big agribusiness.

Learn more on the Making Contact website.

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How do we talk about race and racism in this country?Not as deeply as we should, according to filmmaker and educator Dr. Shakti Butler.

On this edition, we hear excerpts from Dr. Butler’s film “Cracking the Codes”, and speak with her about using the medium of film to start conversations around the thorny issues of racial inequity.


  • Dr. Shakti Butler, World Trust founder and Creative Director
  • Humaira JacksonHugh Vasquez, Y. Jelal Huyler, Aeeshah B. Clottey, Ise Lyfe, Cracking the Codes interview subjects.

Thank you to production intern Lisa Barfai and to World Trust Educational Services.

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