When journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates set out to write about police killings he went to visit Mable Jones. Back in 2000, Jones son, a friend of Coates from their time at Howard University, was shot and killed by police in Virginia. He was twenty five years old.

Written in the form of a letter to his own teenage son, Coates' book "Between the World and Me" puts police shootings in a wider context.

Ta-Nehisi Coates spoke as part of the Lannan Foundation's Pursuit of Cultural Freedom Series. 

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Over 6,000 migrant deaths were recorded on the U.S. side of the border with Mexico between 1998 and 2013. The true number of deaths is likely higher, and thousands of families never hear from their loved ones again.

This documentary travels to the desert ranch lands of Brooks County and the border town of Reynosa, Tamaulipas to introduce us to the human cost of “prevention through deterrence,” a border enforcement strategy introduced during the Clinton administration.

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This show takes a look at issues within the foster care system in the U.S. from the high rate of teen pregnancy to the alarming use of psychiatric medications in California’s foster care system.



  • Nicole Rocke, former foster youth
  • Kyle Lafferty, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Linda Bryant, Clinical Professor at New York University’s School of Social Work
  • Benita Miller, Deputy Commissioner of Family Permanency Services at the Administration of Children’s Services
  • Lorraine Jacobs, caseworker
  • Yolanda Vasquez, former foster youth
  • Adriane Fugh-Berman, Pharmacology Professor at Georgetown University’s Medical Center
  • Bill Grimm, Attorney at National Center for Youth Law
  • Susan Bullard
  • David Arrendondo, Child psychiatrist
  • Dr. Edmund Levin, at the Lincoln Child Center
  • Nancy Forster, Therapist at the Lincoln Child Center
  • April Rene Sanders, former foster youth and recipient of AB12
  • Kyle Sporleader, Statewide Legislative Coordinator for California Youth Connection (CYC)
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What do our voices say about us? On this edition we explore voice and identity.

We'll hear from someone who nearly lost their voice, the challenges that come with ordering a pizza with a speech generating device, and and how voice contributes to trans women's sense of safety and of self.


  • Mya Byrne, singer-songwriter
  • Kathe Perez, creator of EVA app
  • Samuel Sennott, assistant professor of special education at Portland University
  • Bob Segalman, author “Against the Current, My Life with Cerebral Palsy”
  • April Bryant, UC Berkeley student
  • Hannah SimpsonNika Jewell, Tela Love, 13th Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, attendees.

This show features Lateef McLeod, our 1st Community Storytelling Fellow. Donate now to help this year’s class of fellows tell their stories.


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We go back to the night in June 1969 at the New York City Stonewall Inn that sparked the LGBT rights movement. On today’s show we’ll hear about the day that galvanized a generation and the continued fight for LGBT civil rights.

The first Pride parades took place in June 1970 marking the 1st anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Michael Schirker and David Isay bring us an oral history Remembering Stonewall: The Birth of a Movement.

Editor at large of the Huffington Posts’ Gay Voices Michelangelo Signorile says while there have been a series of recent wins for the LGBT rights movement, bigotry remains a daily reality for many.

At a  New America NYC forum Signorile spoke with June Thomas, Culture Critic and Editor of Outward, Slate’s LGBTQ Section about what he calls “victory blindness”. It’s a central theme in his new book, “It’s Not Over, Getting to Beyond Tolerance Defeating Homophobia and Winning True Equality.”

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We bring you to Alaska s Tongass Forest, where the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act turned tribes into corporations and sparked a lengthy logging frenzy.

In this radio adaptation of the documentary film, Walking in Two Worlds, we meet a Tlingit brother and sister, who are trying to heal both the forest and their native community. 

Special thanks to Specialty Studios.


  • Wanda Culp & Bob Loescher, Tlinget brother & Sister
  • Peter Coyote, narrator
  • Mike Jackson, Tlingit tribal historian
  • Ernestine Hanlon-Abel, Weaver & Activist
  • Byron Mallott, Former Seaalaska CEO
  • Israel Shotridge, Tlingit carver
  • Tom Thorton, anthropologist
  • Lydia George, Tlingit Clan Mother
  • Joe Sebastian, Alaska Fisherman & guide
  • Deny Bschor, former US Forest Service Regional Forester
  • John Rowan, Tlingit carver
  • Richard Nixon, President of the United States
  • Rick Harris, Former Seaalaska Executive VP
  • Rosita Worl, Seaalaska Board member
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What is it like to be a student who has fought in a war? Producers at The Stanford Storytelling Project’s podcast, State of the Human asked six Stanford students and recent alumni, all veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to tell their stories about “Returning Home.”


  • Dustin Barfield, Chris Clark, Josh Francis, Annie Hsieh, Russ Toll, and William Treseder, military veterans
  • Heidi Toll, wife of veterana

More Information

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On this week's show we’re exploring how some women have been dehumanized to the point of indifference.

We’ll learn how one community is undoing the silence around the violence women of color face. We’ll also hear about how serial killers were able to hunt down mostly Black women for three decades in South Los Angeles. Then we’ll take you to the Yucatan where pregnant indigenous women struggle under a health care system failing to provide proper medical care.

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Black Lives Matter.

This simple phrase has become the motto of a growing movement calling for true justice and equality for black people. Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, first typed out those three words back in 2013.

In March of 2015, Alicia Garza visited the University of Southern Maine to tell the story of how Black Lives Matter came to be, and express her hopes for where it’s headed. We hear her speech.


Special thanks to E.B.Leonard with Maine X Change.




  • Alicia Garza, Black Lives Matter co-founder
  • Cephus Johnson, uncle of Oscar Grant
  • Grace Anderson, protestor
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Imprisonment, oppressive laws, and harassment of journalists - these are just a few means of censorship around the world. The use of these repressive tactics threaten freedom of expression and the public’s right to information.

On this edition, we hear from journalists in Ecuador and Mexico, and learn about the most censored countries from the Committee to Protect Journalists.


  • William Morocho, Page Designer with Diario HOY
  • Jaime Mantilla, Director of Diario HOY newspaper
  • Carlos Ochoa Hernandez, head of Supercom
  • Rosental Alves, Director of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas in Austin
  • Romel Jurado, Consultant for Supercom
  • Gustavo Ruiz, Independent Photographer
  • Edwin Canché Pech, Journalist
  • Adrián López Ortiz, director of Northwestern newspaper
  • Marcela Zendejas, Associate Officer on Alternative Media and Gender Issues at Article 19 MEXICO
  • Courtney Radsch, Advocacy Director with the Committee to Protect Journalists
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